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Just a winged feline artist...

Valanire is elvish for angel tear

Nicole N
28 May 1987
Name: Nicole N
5 feet 5 inches
Blood Type: O+
Age: 23
Gemini Fire Rabbit
Fire Bender
I have a BFA in Illustration.
I love drawing animals, both fantasy and cartoony, especially (but not limited to) canines, felines, dragons and griffins.
I love the themes of darkness and light and love drawing wings on my characters. Japanese themes come up in my art a lot, and heavily influences me.
I love drawing cute, furry creatures to big monsters.
I love Japan, and plan on visiting. I love the culture and the food.
I also love drawing fan art for anime and video games.
My second passion would be reading and writing fiction.
I read mostly fantasy books, like Harry Potter.
I am a professional Illustrator that would include children's book illustration, fiction writing, freelance, and my own line of stationary, cards and teaching supplies for the classroom.
My tabby cat Chessie is in heaven. Rest in peace my beloved best friend, my soul. July 28, 1996-May 22, 2009. My fancy rat Momo is in heaven as well. Rest in peace my beloved best friend. December 3, 2008. As is my fancy rat Brie, my heart rat.
Yes, I am a geek.
I currently have two official fursonas. One is done in a cartoony style. She is a mixture of a dog and a cat in terms of anatomy and has angel wings for ears. She is often drawn with her mate that has spikes and dragon wings for ears. She is my current icon. My other fursona is drawn only realisticly. It is a tabby cat that sometimes wears glasses and has wings.
Since I am a Gemini, both of my fursonas have "other sides" to them, a dark side. This means they get evil looking wings, claws, etc. The wings look like bat wings/dragon wings.

I am a huge collector of many things, especially toys and things from Japan. Here are some of my collections:
Stuffed Animals
Beanie Babies
Barbie/Bratz/American Girl/ other American Dolls
Littlest Pet Shops (Original 1990's)
McDonalds/Burger King Toys
Books (Childrens/Art)
Action Figures (Video Game/Final Fantasy/Avatar/anime)
Pokemon/Digimon Toys (vinyl/plastic/tranforming) including Mewtwo Items (Plush/Plastic)
BJD's (Asian/Korean)
Vinyl/Designer Toys (Dunnys/Qee)
Video Games/Consoles
Tokidoki Merchandise
Miscellaneous Japanese Plush (Anime/Video Game/Pokemon)
Miscellaneous Japanese Items

Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll TAKARATOMY - Pose Change Mewtwo *ORDERED*
Pokemon Plush Kawaii Mewtwo 2005 Banpresto UFO
Yawarakai DX Mewtwo
2013 Pokemon Center Mewtwo
2013 Pokedoll Mewtwo
D-Arts Mewtwo
Mewtwo Kyun Chara
I Love Eievui Eevee HQ 14" Plush Toy
Pokemon Canvas Charmander
Pokemon Canvas Eevee Evolutions (All except Jolteon)
Yu-Gi-Oh One Coin 2" Kotobukiya Marik and Theif Bakura
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