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Feb. 9th, 2012

I applied the first hour applications went up for the Disney College Program, and had my interview January 30th. I found out yesterday that I was accepted for Fall Advantage in Attractions the very first day acceptances went out. I heard a rumor the way the applications work is that most people get reviewed within a few days after their interview (The 2 weeks is just a way to keep people from calling them right away). From that point everyone gets placed in 5 different piles, ranging from top applicants to no way we will take them applicants. If you are in the bottom pile, you usually get your denial letter almost right away. The top applicants are sent their acceptance letters first. After most of them have either confirmed or denied their place, then the next group of letters are submitted, and so forth. Its on a rolling basis; they start it over every 5-6 weeks, based on applicant strength. Basically, I was a top applicant.
I haven't told too many people about it. I doubt people will be impressed that my internship is working in the park. I purposely took a college class for this opportunity however. I have applied to over 200 jobs. My life was at a standstill with nothing working out. I though that maybe working for Disney could be a stepping stone for getting an art job with them. If I do good in the CP, I can apply for a professional internship, which is what I plan on doing.
I am beyond tired of being a dog walker, living with my family and being rejected. This is not how I want my life to be. This is the only thing I could think of that would give me some networking opportunities. There is nothing here in Illinois for me. Nothing.
This is a last ditch attempt really. I have always wanted to work at Disney.
Cory is not very enthusiastic about it. I think he thought I would be rejected like everything else. He is probably surprised someone actually said yes.
I will be leaving in May or June, I haven't paid the fee yet so I didn't pick a date.
I am grateful Disney gave me a chance, no one else has. I will show them how serious I am about working there.

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